.:: Misty night ::.

Hair: ExxEss Cassis – Mesh hair A |EXXESS CLOTHING & HAIR Necklace & bracelet: RealEvil Ankou set |GEN-NEUTRAL EVENT Tattoo: Reckless Meloni – fresh |SKIN FAIR 2016 Jumper: .Shi Drape Jumper – Concrete |.SHI Shoes: Vale Koer The Alter Platforms |VALE KOER Pose: Overlow Pack 75 (5) |OVERLOW

.:: Women only ::.

United Colors UC Moly leather dress available in 14 different colors from March 7th at TLC . Compatible with Maitreya, Belleza-freja, isis and Slink-natural, hourglass mesh bodies. Fatpack offers all in 1 hud so you can change colors and lace styles.   Look 1 (left) Hair: Wasabi Pills Jean Mesh Hair – Blonds Pack |WASABI PILLS Earring:…

.:: Violina ::.

Hair: Lamb When – dark blondes |LAMB Head: Lelutka Stella head |LELUTKA Skin: Clef de Peau Coco – tan (Lelutka applier) |SKIN FAIR 2016 Dress: Lazybones Spring Fling Dress – black|THE CHAPTER FOUR Unicorn’s: Half-Deer Unicorn Story (Still and Quiet &  Lazy Day 4) |THE ARCADE Music instruments: Astralia Sheol muse set |WE LOVE ROLEPLAY Pose: Overlow Pack 76 (6) |OVERLOW POSES Earrings: **RE**…

.:: Goddess ::.

Hair: Lelutka Jada hair – Blonde Fades(roots) |LELUTKA Earring & necklace: RealEvil Lux Nia Set |COSMOPOLITAN Nail & rings: RealEvil Precious Nails & Rings – Pointy |WHORE COTOURE Shirt: United Colors Katja vest – black|COSMOPOLITAN Pants: United Colors Katja shorts pants – black|UBER Boots: United Colors Leather high platform boots – black |WHORE COTOURE

.:: She ::.

Hair: Besom Debrossi – blondes |HAIROLOGY Earring: Shi. Mermaid Earring |SHI. Necklace: Shi. EVRA Neckpiece [Unisex] |SHI. Shirt: Shi. Arreter Cropped Top – White|SHI. Tattoo: Speakeasy Iris tattoo – fresh|MOM Bracelet’s: **RE** MoonFlight Bracelets |REALEVIL

.:: The diva ::.

Hair: ExxEss Laima – blondes |EXXESS Head jewelery: Kibitz Iso headdress – copper – diamond |KIBITZ Nails: Kibitz Acantha claws – navy |KIBITZ Dress: United Colors Lulu dress |TRES CHIC

.:: Girl power ::.

Look 1 (left) Skin: L’etre Julia – Cotton (Lelutka applier) |L’ETRE Hair: Pink Hustler *PH* 8123 – blondes |HAIROLOGY Dress: LGL – At The Sock Hop  (White polka dots) Circle dress |TRES CHIC Brooch: :::ChicChica::: Kitty Brooch – Gold |TRES CHIC Boots: Reign Sofie boots -black |REIGN   Look 2 (middle) Hair: Iconic Grace Homburg hat hair – vamps roots |TRES CHIC Skin: Bold &…

.:: I’m free ::.

Skin: L’etre Julia – Cotton (Lelutka applier) |L’ETRE Shirt: Fishy Strawberry  Coraline top – sand |THE CHAPTER FOUR Hair: AD Glamp – dark blondes |HAIROLOGY Headphones: Wayne RiRi headphones  |WAYNE Necklace: Ryca Flw – Gold  |RYCA Nose chains: **RE* Keal Nose Chains   |COSMOPOLITAN  

.:: Stacey ::.

Skin: L’etre Stacey – golden (Lelutka applier) NEW!!! |COSMOPOLITAN Shirt: Lazybones  Joanna bralet – black |FLOWER POWER Pants: Lazybones Rolled up shorts – blue |FLOWER POWER Shoes:  Kenvie Devaio – black  |FLOWER POWER Necklace: Ryca Choker/ Earring Set BYRE – Gold  |RYCA Glasses: [Since 1975] Starie Glasses  |TRES CHIC Hair: Stealthic Aquaria – blondes  |STEALTHIC Tattoo: Reckless Xue – faded  |RECKLESS Pose: Overlow Pack 47 (8)  |OVERLOW   Decoration: Furniture & mirror: Di’Cor Marilyn set |TRES CHIC…

.:: Why not me ::.

Hair: Little bones Kiara (The blondie) |COLLABOR88 Shirt: The Secret store  Honey Cotton Shirt –  Chalk |COLLABOR88 Shoes: Pure Poison Strings pumps |COLLABOR88 Jeans:  Kitja Dian Mom jeans – blue  |KITJA Necklace: Mandala Yakushi Jewelry set (black) |MANDALA  

.:: The blondie ::.

Tattoo: Reckless Crypt |TMD Hair: Exxess – Laan A |EXXESS: CLOTHING & HAIR Head: Lelutka Mesh head Simone |LELUTKA Skin: L’etre Julia ( Lelutka applier ) |L’ETRE Lashes:  L’etre Angel lashes #8 NEW!!!  |L’ETRE Rings: Minimal Miamor (gold) nr. 4 & 5 |THE CHAPTER FOUR Top: Evani Nasty shirt – blue |THE CHAPTER FOUR Leggings & waistshirt: Lazybones Leggings + waist shirt |THE CHAPTER FOUR Shoes: Azoury Awake Shoe Ganache  |THE CHAPTER FOUR Nose ring: Swallow Malika septum…

.:: Waiting for Valentine ::.

Ana (left) : Hair: Damselfly Kingslie |FAMESHED Dress: Lazybones – Military Lolita |WE LOVE ROLEPLAY Head: Lelutka Mesh head Simone |LELUTKA Heels: ChicChica Penelope  |THE CHAPTER FOUR Pose:  Overlow Pack 26 (1) |OVERLOW POSES Skin: theSkinnery Dunya ( Lelutka applier ) |THESKINNERY   Me (right) : Hair: Stealthic Eden – blondes |STEALTHIC Pants & shirt: Luas Kaori outfit – pink |THE CHAPTER FOUR Head: Lelutka Mesh head Simone |LELUTKA Heels: ChicChica Penelope  |THE CHAPTER…