.:: We’ve come along way ::.



On me :

Hair: Burley Glitch – Platinums  |BURLEY

Shirt & skirt: Lazybones Estelle Attire – Black  |THE CHAPTER FOUR

Boots: Vale Koer Lumbertrail boots |VALE KOER


On Primo :

Hair: Dura Boy 68  |TMD

Beard: Spellbound Monster beard  |SPELLBOUND

Tattoo: Speakeasy Stray tattoo |SPEAKEASY

Helmet: Turlaccor Biker Helmet German Style |TURLACCOR

Jacket: Scars Crust Leather Jacket |TMD

Pants: Scars Leather Pants |TMD

Sneakers: Vale Koer Apex Stompers |VALE KOER

Necklace & Hand Shields: RealEvil Brutal set |REALEVIL


Motorcycle: Sau Gilgamesh |TMD

Dog: Sau Tooldog|SAU


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