Hair: Mina Estelle – Reds |KUSTOM9 Jacket: Villena Bomber – Blue  |KUSTOM9 Skirt: Kitja Roxie skirt – Extra colors |KUSTOM9 Extra colors and customizable MIX&MATCH HUD ONLY IN FATPACK!:) Top: Pumpkin Knot crop top |KUSTOM9 Sneakers: Vale Koer Overstate boots |KUSTOM9 Sneakers customizable only with fatpack


Hair: Doux Anita – Blondes NEW!!! |THE SEASONS STORY Piercing: Punch Nameless |PUNCH Eyes: L’Etre Mesh eyes #74 |L’ETRE Sweater: OffBeat No more: Self hug RARE |CHAPTER FOUR Jeans: RealEvil Avery Jeans|THE SEASONS STORY Sneakers: Vale Koer Beezy lowtop |VALE KOER Sneakers customizable only with fatpack🙂  


Hair: Little Bones Faye – Ombre & roots |C88 Necklace: Shi Ginosko Harness Necklace . UNISEX / Black |THE CROSSROADS Top: Spirit Sera top (Color is available ONLY in  the FATPACK) |C88 Skirt: Spirit Sera skirt (Color is available ONLY in  the FATPACK) |C88 Sneakers: Vale Koer Nocturnal Racers |TMD Cat: Black Bantam My fat kitty (male) RARE |PINK ACID & BLACK BANTAM Tattoo: Nanika…


Hair: Little Bones Buffy – Browns |UBER Blazer: Villena Over shoulder blazer – Grey |UBER Top: Villena Denim Jacket – Washed blue |UBER Jeans: Spirit Nins ripped jeans – White |UBER Shoes: Phedora Ruby heels |UBER    


Hair: Spellbound Battlefield – Chapter I – Earth |SPELLBOUND Hairbase: L’Etre Babyhair hairbase (Fiore & Catwa applier) |L’ETRE Choker: L’Etre Anna choker |ULTRA Sweater: Ison Wrap off shoulder sweater – Gray |UBER Pants: Villena Zipped Leggings – Black |UBER Sneakers: Vale Koer Queen runners |VALE KOER This option is available only in the FATPACK🙂 Dog: Xin Shiki Husky |XIN Background: Rama  #selfie RAMA Hall Lift…


Hair: Shi. Binah hair x – Dbrown |UBER Hairbase included in hairpack🙂 Head: Fiore Minx  |FIORE Skin: L’Etre Elyssa (Fiore applier) |L’ETRE Eyeliner: L’Etre Elyssa – Eyeshadow #1 |L’ETRE Ears: L’Etre Horn mesh ears |MOM


Hair: Besom Madison – Blondes |N21 Jacket: Villena Over shoulder blazer – Black  |UBER Bodysuit: Villena Lace up front bodysuit – Cream  |UBER Boots: United Colors Mimi boots  |KUSTOM9  


Hair: Little Bones Vee – Brown’s |UBER Skin: L’Etre Gloria skin – Sandy (Catwa applier)  |L’ETRE Hairbase: L’Etre Babyhair hairbase  |L’ETRE Eyeshadow: L’Etre Tempation eyeshadow #3  |L’ETRE Lipstick: L’Etre Matte lisptick #1  |L’ETRE Lashes: L’Etre Angel lashes #8  |L’ETRE Tank & panties: Mai Bilavio Uma & Leit in Vintage Blue |MAI BILAVIO Eyes: L’Etre Mesh Eyes #2 – PeacockEyes  |L’ETRE Pose my…


Hair: Besom Honey – Blondes |BESOM Skin: L’Etre Bella skin – Sandy (Catwa applier)  |L’ETRE Eyeshadow: L’Etre Bella eyeshadow #3  |L’ETRE Lipstick: L’Etre Matte lisptick #1  |L’ETRE Lashes: L’Etre Angel lashes #8  |L’ETRE Dress: Addams Giselle mesh dress |ADDAMS Shoes: JD Jacquei Satin  |JUST DESIGN Decor: Sofa: Dust Bunny Camellia couch  |DUST BUNNY Table: Dust Bunny Camellia coffee table |DUST BUNNY Flower: Dust Bunny Camellia potted plant |DUST…


Hair: Little Bones Tati – Browns |N21 Skin: L’Etre Bella skin – Sandy  |L’ETRE Eyelids: L’Etre Natural mesh eyelids  |L’ETRE Lipstick: L’Etre Reflect lipstick #3  |L’ETRE Necklace: RealEvil Sniper Tags |MOM Tank: LazyBones Celena Tank – Black |LAZYBONES


On her: Hair: Stealthic Sanctuary |STEALTHIC Skin: L’Etre Misato skin – Sandy  |L’ETRE Skirt: Villena Suede skirt – Black  |KUSTOM9 Jacket: Villena Denim Jacket – Washed blue |KUSTOM9 Boots: Phedora Elisabeth boots |KUSTOM9   On him credits soon …..


Hair: Little Bones Uma – Browns  |C88 Eyes: L’Etre Mesh eyes #64 |L’ETRE Eyeliner: L’Etre Bella eyeshadow #4 |L’ETRE Lashes: L’Etre Real lashes #8 |L’ETRE Ears: L’Etre Streched mesh ears |L’ETRE Skin: L’Etre Bella skin – Sandy  |L’ETRE Necklace: RealEvil Spirit necklace  |TRES CHIC Head: Catwa Annie |CATWA Bikini: Vale Koer Beach swimwear |KUSTOM9